Webinar on Concussions

September 18, 2012

Bob Liebau
Associate Director of Campus Recreation
University of Mary Washington

A recent article in September issue of Athletic Business entitled MAKING HEADLINES — THE CONCUSSIONS EPIDEMIC RETURNS TO A FAMILIAR THEME: HELMET SAFETY, author Michael Popke points out some recent changes to the game of football based on our new understanding of the seriousness of concussions. Pop Warner Football now bans head-to-head hits. A new high school and college rule requires any player losing his helmet on the field of play to leave the field for one play before returning. And it’s not just football. We are beginning to see more headgear worn by soccer players. More than 20 NFL and NHL have added Kevlar gear to their equipment and at least two dozen pros are using Concussion Reducing Technology (CRT) pads to their helmets.

Why? In the hope that such measures will make sport safer for all participants regardless of the level of play. But despite the best efforts, the reality is that concussions can happen to any person, at any time, in any sport. Are you prepared for that? How are you going to deal with concussions that happen in your Sport Clubs or Intramural programs?

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NIRSA Webinar Training Modules: Fall 2012

May 10, 2012

Problem: Finding time to implement effective risk management training is a major challenge

Solution: Web-based training modules which provide flexibility and high quality training opportunities

Action: Incorporate the NIRSA Webinar Training Modules into your training program!

2012-2013 Highlights

  • 21 Webinar training modules (12 are NEW)
  • Individually priced — you choose only the ones(s) you want!
  • Reasonably priced — most are $50 – $75


  • Recorded Webinars are accessible at any time, on any laptop or desktop
  • Year-long access to Webinars allows consistent and ongoing training of full/part-time staff
  • Content is delivered by experts – saving staff time in preparing and delivering training material.

NIRSA Webinar Training Modules:

Level 5 In-service Training
Waivers Simplified
Medical Screening Simplified
Missing Persons Planning
Negligence Awareness for Intramural Staff
Negligence Awareness for Sport Club Officers
Negligence Awareness for Summer Camp Staff
Risk Management Committee
Climbing Wall Supervision
Event Planning Simplified

Updated Webinars
Negligence Simplified
The Nuts & Bolts of Risk Management Planning
Negligence Awareness Training for Part-time Student Staff (tracking option available)
Waivers Advanced
Safety Training for Sport Clubs Officers
Transportation: Planning Essentials
Travel Planning Tools using ‘Google Docs’
Emergency Action Plan — Putting it Together
Emergency Action Plan — Training, Rehearsals & Drills

General Information
Launch Date Mid-August, 2012
All Webinars Accessible at any time, on any computer, for whole academic year
Webinar length Varies: from 20-45 minutes
Target Audience Most Webinars target full-time staff
‘Negligence Awareness’ webinars target student staff and Sport Club Officers

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Emergency Action Planning

January 17, 2012

New Webinar Series on developing an effective EAP

Sean Ries, Associate Director
Campus Recreation Services
Cleveland State University

Campus Recreation departments must have an effective Emergency Action Plan (EAP) in place. The plan needs to cover all possible emergencies (e.g. medical emergency, fire, evacuation, severe weather, chemical spill etc.) and be consistent between all program and facility units within the department. Everyone in the department (full and part-time staff) needs to be well trained.

At Cleveland State University, effective and efficient emergency response is a top priority for Campus Recreation. Over the years, a comprehensive EAP has been developed, tested and refined, and consists of two key elements:

  1. Developing the EAP framework
  2. Training staff on EAP implementation

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New Webinar Training Modules

April 28, 2011

New Webinar Training Modules

Staff training is of critical importance to a successful Campus Recreation operation. In addition to training in various safety protocols (see article in this Newsletter on ‘Developing a Safety Training Grid’), other training modules are needed to address other areas e.g. specific job training, sexual harassment etc..

Have you considered using (pre-recorded) Webinars as a training tool? There are several advantages to using Webinars as a training tool:
*Recorded Webinars are accessible at any time, on any desktop or laptop
*Year-long access to Webinars allow continuous and consistent training of newly hired staff.
*Content is delivered by experts saving staff time in preparing and delivering training material.
*Reasonable cost: less than $100 per Webinar (for a full academic year!)
*Cost effective — eliminates travel costs of bringing in experts to deliver content.

McGregor & Associates have developed 8 new  training Webinars designed to complement your fall/winter training programs. These webinars are strategically organized into 2 distinct Series:
(A) Negligence & Risk Management (B) Sport Clubs and Travel (see below)

In addition, there is a ‘tracking option’ available (for ‘Negligence Awareness Training’ only) which provides confirmation that student training has been successfully completed.

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