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Beyond the Ordinary: Adventure Recreation in the Third Age

December 08, 2016

Michelle LeBlanc
Simon Fraser University

Editors note: This is the first in a series of articles on the ageing population and the opportunities they represent to recreation programmers.

Gone are the days of passive cruise vacations, bridge, and bingo for adults entering retirement! Significant progress in the medical and technological fields has contributed to longer lives averaging near and beyond 80 years in North America. Along with these advances, the rapid aging of the largest demographic wedge (Baby Boomers) evokes a new era for the world of recreation programming.

Social scientists and health researchers suggest that this aging group will tend to live longer, healthier lives than previous generations. In addition to better health, there are also differences in values and beliefs, effectively shaping the way in which they prefer to spend their years in post-retirement. It has also been suggested that this age group thrives on stimulating experiences, for example, cultural exposure and adventure travel. This in turn creates a potential for recreation facilities to offer exciting, stimulating and meaningful programs versus traditional elementary activities. Read more

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