Strategic Risk Management

An Advanced Course

Robin Bowman: President, SportRisk
Dr. Ian McGregor: Founder, SportRisk



Who is the Course for?

Designed exclusively for those schools taking proactive steps towards formalizing the role of a department ‘Risk Manager’ or Chair of the Risk Management Committee, the course is aimed at the professional staff member who has been (or will be) asked to assume this role, on a full- or part-time basis.

Course Goal

The primary goal of the course is to provide the Risk Manager with the tools and leadership skills needed to successfully lead and champion risk management within their department.

Course Description

As a follow-up to the introductory Risk Management for Recreation Professionals class, this course is designed to take your department’s risk management efforts to the next level. Focusing on teaching the skills needed to develop, coordinate, and lead a comprehensive risk management plan for the department, the course will also train participants on how to position themselves as the Risk Manager – both internally within the department and externally within the University setting.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Lead risk management efforts for the department;
  2. Enact strategies to promote risk management among Recreation staff;
  3. Develop a simple, comprehensive, and doable risk management plan;
  4. Assemble a highly functional Risk Management Committee
  5. Develop an effective and sustainable risk management training plan
  6. Manage ‘Strategic’ and ‘Enterprise’ risk
  7. Establish Campus Recreation as campus leaders in risk management

Course Length

This course is designed to be completed over 8 weeks.
Coursework and assignments should take approximately 4-5 hours per week.

Course Features

  • Online format means students work at their own speed, in their own time
  • Webinars used to deliver course content
  • Class enrollment limited to 8 participants to maximize interaction
  • Course participants will establish a network with colleagues from across N. America
  • Results-oriented assignments are based on real department situations
  • Certificate of Completion issued to all participants who successfully complete the course.

Course Text

SportRisk: Risk Management Planning Resource by Dr. Ian McGregor.


  1. Risk Management for Recreation Professionals  (introductory online course), or appropriate experience and background in Risk Management.
  2. There must be a Risk Management Committee in place prior to the start of the course.
  3. Your Director’s approval.

Course Outline

Next Course:

Date:  Apr. 8 – May 21, 2024

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I enjoyed very much learning what other schools are doing. The foundation for putting together a RM plan by utilizing the 5 Key Risk Areas – makes it more simple than I have made it in the past – what a blessing this has been! I like the text very much. It is easy to read and can apply to anyone working in a sports/recreation setting.

Sarah DiSabato

Associate Director, Recreation & Wellness
University of Central Florida

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