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Electronic Waivers — Technical Considerations

April 09, 2011

Ryan Matteson
Security Consulting
Office of Chief Information Officer
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

The question arises again and again — ‘Can we administer a waiver of liability with the computer? Motivations range from reduction of paper work to ease of administration. While case law is available related to the use of waivers in paper format, there have been few if any published legal ‘tests’ of electronic waivers.

Especially critical to the implementation of an electronic waiver are the issues of authentication and affirmation of the user, and this article describes the key process that need to be considered.

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Van Driver Training Programs

April 08, 2011

Choose a comprehensive Driver Education Program that is available when you need it.

Eric Green
Associate Director of Programs
Recreation and Wellness Services
University of Akron

Policies and procedures for travel need to include many elements including driver screening, insurance review, purchasing vehicles with higher safety ratings, proper maintenance and driver training. The University of Akron Department of Recreation and Wellness Services wanted a passenger van driving education program that increased safety and reduced preventable incidents. The program needed to

  • Provide flexible scheduling for driver testing
  • Provide accountable results
  • Meet the expectations of the University’s Department of Risk Management
  • Be cost effective.

The program selected was the six hour ‘I-Drive Safely’ passenger van course from FLEET corporate driving (

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Lightning Detection or Prediction Systems

April 07, 2011


Tim Stoecklein, Assistant Director
Recreational Services
Kansas State University

It has been said that the weather is the most popular topic of conversations across the world, and if you think about it, that is probably a fairly accurate statement. To play or not to play is often the question we face when it comes to our recreational programs. Typically the decisions focus on the rain, the snow, the wind, or the lightning. Sometimes it can be a combination of several as once I had to cancel a softball game due to snow AND lightning! Of all the elements served up by the environment, lightning is the second most deadly, behind floods.

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The CarChip Program

April 07, 2011

Amy Lanham
Assistant Director for Sport Clubs & Youth Activities
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Transportation Services department implemented the CarChip program in the Fall of 2005. The CarChip is a small device that can be attached to any vehicle, and can monitor functions like vehicle speed and braking activity (as well as other mechanical functions). The fleet dispatcher assigns a data recorder (CarChip) to a vehicle, attaches the device and then upon the vehicle’s return, pulls the recorder and downloads a variety of details regarding the vehicle while it has been out in the field.

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Using Technology to Manage Sport Club Travel

April 06, 2011

Brian A. Kile
Assistant Director-Sport Clubs
University of Maryland

While Sport Club policies on travel play in an important role in managing one of the largest areas of risk in Sport Clubs, they are not effective unless consistently monitored and enforced. With an increase in club travel and overall participation, the University of Maryland turned to technology to increase efficiency and help ensure that their risk management requirements were being met.

In Spring 2005 the Sport Club staff at Maryland began a project with the department’s IT staff to develop Sport Club software called Sport Tool. After months of development and testing, Sport Tool was introduced to all club officers in Fall 2005.

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