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Centre for Sport & Law
The Centre for Sport and Law is a consulting company offering legal solutions, planning and governance services, and strategic communications. The Centre provides consulting services and educational programs related to organizational governance, values management, risk assessment, mediation and arbitration, policy development, business and employment issues and change management.

Katharine Nohr
Ms. Nohr is a licensed attorney, admitted to the Hawaii State Bar in 1988.  Ms. Nohr received her law degree from the University of Utah and has a political science degree from the University of Washington.

She contributes a regular column (“It’s in your Court”) for the ‘Risk Management Newsletter for Campus Recreation‘, and she recently published the text ‘Managing Risk in Sport and Recreation’ available through the NIRSA Education & Publication Center

Doyice J. Cotton
Doyice J. Cotten is an emeritus professor of sport management at Georgia Southern University where he taught graduate and undergraduate courses in sport law and risk management. Dr. Cotten has published more than 150 articles on legal liability and risk management in such publications as Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport, Journal of Sport Management, Sports Parks & Recreation Law Reporter, Exercise Standards and Malpractice Law Reporter, Athletic Business, and Fitness Management.
His major area of interest is in waivers and releases of liability. He has collected and analyzed about 1000 sport- and recreation-related waiver cases and has coauthored two books on the subject. They are Waivers & Releases of Liability (7th ed.) and Legal Aspects of Waivers for Sport, Recreation and Fitness Activities. He is also the co-editor and author of Law for Recreation and Sport Managers. This popular sport law textbook is used in approximately 150 universities and is in its 4th edition.

Herb Appenzeller
In the US, Herb Appenzeller is a leading authority on injury liability and litigation in sports.  His newsletter, From the Gym to the Jury, has been providing timely information for 20 years. He currently has 20 books available on the subject of sport liability and risk management.

David L. Herbert
David Herbert is one of the leading legal liability authorities in the United States health and fitness industry. Herbert is the owner of PRC Publishing, which provides current, up to date information to Professionals in Legal, Medical, Sports, Fitness, and other Provider fields. PRC is best known for its Reporter Series of newsletters which includes The Exercise Standards and Malpractice Reporter, The Sports, Parks and Recreation Law Reporter, and The Sports Medicine Standards & Malpractice Reporter. PRC also has an extensive collection of books available dealing with the legal aspects of fitness activities to the legal aspects of sports medicine.

Other Resources

NIRSA (National Intramural Recreational Sports Association)
The National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association is committed to be recognized internationally as the leader in recreation within higher education, dedicated to excellence in student and professional development, education, research and standards. NIRSA’s commitment, creativity and strategic partnerships are consistently demonstrated through outstanding programs, facilities and services.

Athletic Business
The AB Magazine is an excellent resource for professionals in athletics and recreation.

Fitness Management
For owners, managers and program directors in physical fitness facilities, the is a great resource.

IHRSA The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association

The ‘Negligence Awareness’ webinar was great! I think our student employees got some good information and more importantly, I think it made some of them realize how responsible they are for the patrons at our facility.

Lexi Chaput

Assistant Director, Club Sports
University of Michigan Rec Sports

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