Key benefits

  • UNLIMITED users for one low annual fee
  • TRACKING TOOL records participation, takes the work out of recordkeeping
  • The ONLY concussion training designed specifically for collegiate recreation
  • EASY to administer
  • Complies with ROWAN’S LAW (for schools in Ontario)

What participants will learn

  • Common causes of concussions
  • The importance of reporting concussions
  • Concussion prevention strategies
  • How to recognize concussion signs & symptoms


  • The SportRisk Concussion Training Package takes the hard work out of concussion training. Our team of sports medicine and risk management experts worked to create concussion training that meets the unique concussion training needs of campus recreation and intercollegiate athletics departments.
  • Using the SportRisk Concussions Training Package is simple!
  • All participants complete the following steps…
  • Login and record their name, e-mail, program, sport and participant status (participant, staff, coach, sport club officer, intramural official, etc.)
    • View one of 3 educational videos (approx. 7 min)
    • Complete a post video quiz (a score of 4 out of 5 is required to pass the quiz)
    • Submit data and quiz electronically.
  • Following submission, participants receive confirmation of their successful completion.
  • Program supervisors can access and download the data – and hence have a detailed record of completion.

See what people are saying

At Penn State, we require our student staff for Intramurals, club sport officers, and club sport coaches to complete two of the SportRisk training modules: Concussion Education & Awareness and Concussion Recognition & Response. These modules provide learners with information about concussions and the importance of identifying symptoms. We have received positive feedback about the module design and the content is easily transferrable. So far over 375 students and staff have passed the associated quizzes, and we are expecting that number to grow as the academic year continues.

Kristen Sullivan, Coordinator of Campus Recreation for Competitive Sports Penn State University

Note: At Penn State: 2019 cost was approx. 50 cents

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Note: Online course includes Best Practices