Be Confident that your Risk Management Plans Measure Up & are Up-to-Date

SportRisk’s Best Practices Audit tells you how you’re doing, where your gaps are.


Assess your Risk Exposure

Assess all programs and facilities using SportRisk's comprehensive Best Practices audit tool

Best Practices Audit Tool >

Best Practices’ assessment tool looks at 17 distinct department programs & facilities (including concussions).

  • Audits staffing; supervision/instruction; training; facilities & equipment; documentation; emergency response plans
  • Report provides recommendations to address gaps uncovered
  • Provides graphs comparing you to other schools

Stand-alone 'Concussions' audit

Unique staff and participant training modules specific to campus recreation programs

Concussions Best Practices >

You can choose to (a) audit your concussion practices as part of department-wide audit (see left panel) (b) review your concussions practices as a stand-alone project

  • report focuses on addressing gaps
  • graphs compare your practices to other schools

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Best Practices Full Department Audit >

Concussions Best Practices >

It’s great to work with expertise who really understand the critical issues of managing our inherent risk in recreation and student programming. As a professional who is committed to providing safe programming, it’s essential to know your problem areas and how your program measures up nationally. I want to do everything possible to identify weaknesses and build concrete action plans – and this assessment tool does both!

Kathleen Hatch

Executive Director, Recreational Sports
The Ohio State University

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