New Webinar Training Modules

April 28, 2011

New Webinar Training Modules

Staff training is of critical importance to a successful Campus Recreation operation. In addition to training in various safety protocols (see article in this Newsletter on ‘Developing a Safety Training Grid’), other training modules are needed to address other areas e.g. specific job training, sexual harassment etc..

Have you considered using (pre-recorded) Webinars as a training tool? There are several advantages to using Webinars as a training tool:
*Recorded Webinars are accessible at any time, on any desktop or laptop
*Year-long access to Webinars allow continuous and consistent training of newly hired staff.
*Content is delivered by experts saving staff time in preparing and delivering training material.
*Reasonable cost: less than $100 per Webinar (for a full academic year!)
*Cost effective — eliminates travel costs of bringing in experts to deliver content.

McGregor & Associates have developed 8 new  training Webinars designed to complement your fall/winter training programs. These webinars are strategically organized into 2 distinct Series:
(A) Negligence & Risk Management (B) Sport Clubs and Travel (see below)

In addition, there is a ‘tracking option’ available (for ‘Negligence Awareness Training’ only) which provides confirmation that student training has been successfully completed.

Series A: Negligence & Risk Management Training Series
1. Negligence & Liability: What everyone needs to know
2. The Nuts & Bolts of Risk Management Planning
3. Negligence Awareness Training for Part-time Student Staff (tracking option available)
4. Waivers 101

Series B: Sport Clubs and Travel Training Series
1. Safety Officer Training
2. Risk Management Training for Sport Club Members
3. Transportation: Planning Essentials (for all staff responsible for travel)
4. Travel Planning Tools using ‘Google Docs’ (for all staff responsible for travel)

General Information
*All Webinars Accessible at any time, on any computer, for whole academic year
*Webinar length Typically 30-45 minutes
*Target Audience:
Series A: All staff
(Note: ‘Negligence Awareness Training’ Webinar focuses on student staff).
Series B: B1 & B2 target Sport Clubs staff; B3 & B4 target staff responsible for administering travel (e.g. Sport Clubs Administrator; Outdoor Program Administrator).

Pricing: Webinars can be purchased by Series only i.e. you can purchase Series A or Series B or Series A+B (Webinars are not available on an individual basis)

Consider the advantages of using Webinars:
*Cost effective

Note: 2011/12 Webinar Series will be available August 1, 2011.  In addition to the above Webinars, new Webinars include:
Emergency Response Planning
Emergency Response Training

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