risk3Online Courses focusing on Risk Management Training

These online courses are targeted at Recreation administrators who need in-depth training in specific areas.

Key benefits: (a) delivered by experts (b) mostly asynchronous – you work on your own time (c) courses designed to help you address your most pressing risk management issues.


Risk Management for Recreation Professionals

The course explores Negligence Liability and the Risk Management planning process. Students will learn the critical concept of Reasonable Standard of Care and how this impacts and guides all risk management planning efforts. By the end of the course, students will have a clear understanding of the concept of Negligence as it applies to the area of sport and recreation, and will acquire valuable risk management planning tools and the skills necessary to develop and implement a comprehensive risk management plan.
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Strategic Risk Management

As a follow-up to the introductory ‘Risk Management for Recreation Professionals’, this advanced course is designed to take your risk management efforts to the next level. Focusing on teaching the skills needed to develop, coordinate and lead a comprehensive risk management plan for the department, the course will also train participants on how to position the Risk Manager both internally within the department, and externally within the University setting.
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Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs are initiated and managed by Club members with the primary role of the University being to support, assist and advise the student leaders. The key to a successful Sport Clubs program is strong student leadership and involved University support.  The primary goal of this course is to provide Sport Club Administrators with the knowledge and skills needed to manage the challenging and multi-faceted area of Sport Clubs.  Since risk management for participants is a key concern for all Sport Clubs Administrators, the course will focus on how to develop an operational ‘framework’ for Sport Clubs to facilitate better oversight and management — and help ensure a safer environment for Sport Clubs participants.
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Youth Camps

The Standard of Care required for Youth Camps is very high — mostly because you are dealing with minors. While some of the risk management issues discussed are identical to those handled on a day-to-day basis in other Campus Recreation programs, many issues are unique to Youth Camps. This course will focus on how to develop an operational ‘framework’ to help organize and manage safe Youth Camps.
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Concussion Management

This course will help campus recreation professionals create a concussion management plan for their department that includes education, recognition & response, and criteria for return to participation.
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The Sport Clubs online course provided an outstanding curriculum that allowed me to gauge our program’s “health”, and critically assess our protocols. The wealth of information and feedback provided throughout the four weeks was really impactful, and will both benefit our student-athletes and enhance my knowledge base.”

James Wayne

Coordinator – Sport Clubs
Illinois State University

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