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Robin Bowman (President, SportRisk)


The following provides a brief description of SportRisk’s ‘Best Practices Risk Assessment Tool’. (For more information on how the tool was developed, vetted and tested, check the tab on ‘Best Practices: Methodology’.)

Best Practices Description

The Best Practices Risk Assessment program is structured as follows:

A) Core Program: Risk of Injury & Litigation

Best Practices risk assessment surveys focus on Campus Recreation programs, facilities and general (see below); plus a demographics survey designed to capture key information on each school (to facilitate comparisons between schools based on many different criteria).
New program added!  Concussions

Programs: Sport Clubs; Intramurals; Youth Camps; Outdoor Program; Instruction.
Facilities: Weight Room; Fitness Center; Aquatics; Ice Arena; Fields; Climbing Wall; Facilities (general).
General: Risk Management Committee; Travel; Emergency Response; Waivers, Concussions.
Demographics: school size, state/province; athletic conference; % male/female; public/private etc.

Program and Facility surveys are generally divided into 6 categories:

  • Staffing
  • Supervision & Instruction
  • Training
  • Facilities and Equipment
  • Documentation
  • Emergency Response Plan

B) Optional Add-on Extras

Option 1: ‘Global Department’ risks
A unique Best Practice risk assessment survey assesses ‘Global Department’ business-related risks for Campus Recreation operations (see below).

        Business Operations survey focuses on the following areas:

Financial risks
IT Data risks
Human Resources risks
Facility Security risks
Reputation risks
Customer Service risks
Other risks

Option 2: Expert-sourced Resources
These resources are tailored to specifically target gaps identified by the risk assessment surveys in the Core Program.

Option 3: Custom Queries
Thanks to our large database, we’ll provide answers to custom ‘queries’ based on individual school needs.

Option 4: Repeat of Core Program
After 1-2 years, repeat the Core Program to determine progress in addressing gaps in your risk management program.

What are the Deliverables?


A) Core Program: Risk of Injury & Litigation

Participating schools receive a Detailed Report (approx. 50 pages) which includes:

  • Action Recommendations based on importance of gaps and deficiencies discovered. The focus is on those Best Practices which experts consider more critical.  Click here to see a one-page sample of the report.
    Sample Report
  • Benchmark Graphs showing how your school’s score in each survey area compares to other schools (over 120 schools to date).
    Click here to see a sample comparison graph.

samplegraph_01 copy

  • ScorePlus
    For each survey, this number tells you how much better or worse you are relative to the average, where the average is scored at 100.  See sample below:

Scoreplus sample

  • Further breakdown of each survey by category (i.e. staffing, supervision, training etc.). Shown in an easy-to-read graph (see below).

Category Graphs 2

  • Three (3) custom comparison graphs showing how your scores compare to schools (i) of your size (ii) within your state/province (iii) within your Athletic Conference (iv) by NIRSA Region (v) institutional type (e.g. public v. private).
    See example:
    Scores and Averages sample 1Scores and Averages sample 2



B) Optional Add-on Extras

Option 1:  Global Department Risks     $350
Participating schools receive a detailed report which includes:
a) Action Recommendations  based on gaps and deficiencies discovered in the ‘Global Department’ survey.
b) Benchmark Graph for all 7 Business Risk areas showing how each school’s total score compares to other schools.

Global Department Risks

Option 2:  Expert-sourced Resources     $250
Expert-sourced resources
to assist staff in addressing gaps identified by the Core Program risk assessment surveys.
Resources include: sample policies & procedures; sample emergency response plan; checklists; web links etc.

Expert-sourced Resources

Option 3:  Custom Queries      Cost based on number, depth of queries.
Custom Queries of your choice e.g. “which schools in your state/ conference which use software management packages (e.g. Fusion, Active Net)?” or “what is the % of schools by country/ state/ Athletic Conference etc. which have concussion policies and protocols in place for Campus Recreation programs?”

Option 4:     Repeat of Core Program     $500
After 1-2 years, repeat the Core Program to measure progress in addressing gaps in your original report.

Repeat of Core Program

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Robin Bowman:

I enjoyed very much learning what other schools are doing. The foundation for putting together a RM plan by utilizing the 5 Key Risk Areas – makes it more simple than I have made it in the past – what a blessing this has been! I like the text very much. It is easy to read and can apply to anyone working in a sports/recreation setting.

Sarah DiSabato

Associate Director, Recreation & Wellness
University of Central Florida

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