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Summer Camps Checklist

April 10, 2011

Ian McGregor, Ph.D.
President, McGregor & Associates

Since Summer Camps participants are minors, these unique programs should automatically be classified as ‘high-risk’. Since the standard of care for minors is very high (the reasonable parent test), program planners need to pay extra attention and sound risk management principles incorporated into all planning efforts.

The following checklist is designed to alert professionals to the key risk management areas that need to be addressed when planning a Summer Camps program. For more detail in each of the identified areas, consult the new text: ‘SportRisk: Risk Management Planning Resource’ .

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Facility Closing Procedures

April 08, 2011

An Important Part of Daily Operations

Roger Heimerman
Assistant Director-Facilities/Membership Services
Recreation Services
University of Kansas

It is 10:15pm on a Friday night. The recreation facility closed at 10pm. The Facility Supervisor on duty last checked the locker rooms at approximately 9:45pm. All seemed normal on this Friday night. The facility staff is in a hurry and ready to start their planned Friday night activities. They neglect to check the locker rooms after closing, adopting the attitude that there is little reason to walk downstairs to check this area. The Facility Supervisor and Facility Assistants sign out and exit the facility. Little to their knowledge, a participant had walked into the men’s locker at 9:55pm, placed paper towels over the drains and turned on all ten showers. As you can imagine, water damage to the facility would be quite extensive by the time facility staff arrive next morning!

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