Best Practices Audit

The ‘Concussions Best Practices Audit’ focuses strictly on concussions.

Areas Audited:

Policies & Protocols

Education & Awareness Training

Recognition & Response Traning

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What you get:


Detailed Report with Action Recommendations based on gaps uncovered.  Shows “% schools doing each concussion Best Practice”


Benchmark Graphs showing how your school compares to

(a) all schools in total sample (currently >150)

(b) schools your own size

(c) within your Athletic Conference

(d) within your NIRSA region.

Best Practices

The ‘Negligence Awareness Webinar’ is an exceptionally valuable tool for disseminating vital information to a large number of people. Using the tracking options of the Webinar allows us the capability to make certain that all of our full-time, part-time and student staff have been given the same information and training. The Webinar is a great way to reduce some of the fears and anxiety associated with risks, while providing a fresh sense of awareness.

Scott Harper

Assistant Director, Risk Management and Informal Recreation
The University of Alabama

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