Sport Clubs (8 Modules)

B1. Hazing (30 mins)

The Challenge Despite all the recent national publicity, hazing still happens in our recreation programs, especially Sport Clubs.
The Solution Develop good hazing practices & procedures; strategies to increase awareness and spearhead a positive cultural change.
Presenters: Dr. Jean Holt, Asst. Director, Old Dominion University; Linda Knight, Director, College of William and Mary

Video Content:  Video describes how to develop comprehensive principles, guidelines, good practices and procedures on Hazing, and strategies to spearhead a positive cultural change within all Sport Clubs.

B2. Safety Officer Training (30 mins)

The Challenge As a minimum, high-risk Sport Clubs need some level of medical coverage at practices and games.
The Solution
Require all Clubs to have Safety Officers — and train them to effectively respond to injuries.
Greg Henderson, College of William and Mary

Video Content: To maximize their impact, Safety Officers need to be trained. This video describes how to put together an effective and simple training program.

B3. Negligence Awareness Training for Sport Club Officers and members (18 mins)

The Challenge Sport Clubs Officers really don’t understand what negligence means in the Sport Club setting.
The Solution A simple explanation of negligence and liability as it applies to Sport Clubs.
Dr. Ian McGregor, President, SportRisk

Video Content: Theme: ‘You Need to Pay Attention!’
Sport Club Officers and members need to be diligent at all times — and understand the liability consequences of ‘not paying attention’. This video focuses on Negligence Awareness training and improving observation skills.

B4. Budgeting (20 mins)

The Challenge Club Sport officers often don’t know how to manage their Club budget.
The Solution
Create a better understanding of budgets and budgeting!
Presenter: Shannon Dere, Assistant Director, University of Arkansas


Video Content: Poor budgeting by Sport Clubs can result in Club financial problems and potential financial loss. This video outlines how Sport Clubs professional staff can teach Sport Clubs officers the key elements of budgeting

B5. Transitioning (15 mins)

The Challenge Club Sport officers change year after year and without proper transition management and training, clubs can quickly fail.
The Solution Create a leadership transition program for your Clubs!
Mike Dominguez, Sport Clubs Director, UC Davis


Video Content: This video demonstrates how to develop and implement an effective ‘transitioning’ program which involves early identification and training of future leaders.

B6. Classification Systems (35 mins)

The Challenge Classifying Sport Clubs based on traditional models can result in lost opportunities to develop true leadership in Sport Club Officers.
The Solution — 
A classification system based on Leadership, Education and Service.
Presenter: Eric Ascher, Coordinator of Competitive Sports, University of Florida


Video Content: This video outlines a unique classification system which does not follow more traditional models, but rather focuses on developing and rewarding Sport Clubs in the areas of Leadership, Education and Service.

B7. Sport Club Council (20 mins)

The Challenge Many Sport Club administrators need guidance in setting up a Sport Club Council or need ideas of how to better utilize an existing Council.
The Solution
Develop the key elements of an effective Sport Club Council, and implement ways to maximize the use of the Council.
Presenter: Autumn Johnson, Assistant Director, Indiana University


Video Content: This video outlines the key roles and responsibilities to be incorporated in a new Council, or in the revamping or upgrading of your current Sport Club Council.

B8. Leadership Training (35 mins)

The Challenge Students are often ill-prepared to assume leadership roles as Sport Club Officers.
The Solution Develop a crackerjack ‘training and leadership development program’.
Presenter: Autumn Johnson, Assistant Director, Indiana University


Video Content: This video focuses on (a) the essential training that officers must have to effectively manage day-to-day club functions and (b) developing leadership skills that greatly benefit the Club as well as the officers.

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The ‘Negligence Awareness’ webinar was great! I think our student employees got some good information and more importantly, I think it made some of them realize how responsible they are for the patrons at our facility.

Lexi Chaput

Assistant Director, Club Sports
University of Michigan Rec Sports

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