Minimizing the Risk of Concussions

Sound Protocolos + SportRisk’s Training Package provide the answer

Assess your Risk Exposure

Assess how your concussion policies, protocols & training plansstack up relative to industry Best Practices

Concussion Best Practices >

  • Best Practices in Concussion Management’ assessment tool compares you with >150 schools
  • Audits your policies, protocols, training plans
  • Addresses the gaps
  • Results in improved plans and protocols

Train Your Staff & Participants

Spearhead staff and participant training with these unique training modules

Online Course: Concussion Management

Key learning outcome: Provide tools to help you manage concussions

  • New online course to be  launched in late Fall, 2019

Concussions Training Package

Key training strategies: Education & Awareness; Recognition & Response

  • 2 short animated videos
  • accompanying resourse materials
  • participant tracking tool embedded into movies

Our department profited greatly by having multiple staff go through the online course. We have long felt that risk management best practices are so pervasively important to all our programs and facilities that it only made sense that our staff members with unique oversight and management of these areas take part in the course. The take-away from this approach has been a unified understanding of the nature of risk management of campus recreation on a macro level with a much more refined appreciation of application within their areas of specialization.

George M. Brown

Assistant Vice Provost, Director University Recreation and Wellness
The University of Minnesota

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