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Looking at Recreation risk through different lenses: Risk Rating

October 06, 2014


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Risk rating in recreation – let’s get real with some examples!

Concept of residual risk

Using the ‘Risk Rating’ approach, take a look at a couple of recreation programs or facilities you are responsible for. Come up with an initial risk rating (with no controls), then apply your controls (i.e. risk management strategies) and then re-calculate the risk rating to determine your ‘residual risk’.  (To calculate ‘risk rating’ go to

(Alternatively, look at something like a Rugby club program or Climbing Wall facility – and go through the same risk rating exercise.

Residual risk too high?

What did you find? Do you feel that your ‘residual risk’ is too high even after controls are in place? Are there any additional controls that you could put in place?

What do you do now?

Concussions in Collegiate Recreation: Are we prepared?

September 15, 2014

Ann Wittkopp
Head Athletic Trainer
Central Washington University-Recreation

 This article is the first in an ongoing series about concussions and other relevant sports medicine topics in collegiate recreation.

Concussions have frequented the news in the last several years. The NFL and ESPN have made sure that anyone who watches professional football is well aware of the word” concussion.” But how much do we really know about concussions? What constitutes a concussion? What does the peer-reviewed literature say about concussions? Until recently, concussions were only referred to as ‘mild head injuries’; due to misconception of the severity of the injury, they are now referred to as ‘mild traumatic brain injuries.’

As an athletic trainer working in collegiate recreation, I have seen more than my fair share of concussions with varying degrees of symptoms and duration; what always concerns me, however, is the complete lack of concern (and sometimes disregard) most patients have for the injury itself and what it means for his/her health, and potential future. Read more

Looking at Recreation risk through different lenses: Risk Definitions

September 09, 2014

lookingDiscover new ways of looking at recreation ‘risk’!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be discussing the following concepts:

  • Risk Matrix, Risk Map, Risk Assessment, Risk Rating, Risk Management, Residual Risk, Risk Appetite, Risk Tolerance, Risk Aversion, Risk Behaviour; Enterprise Risk

We’ll also be looking at risk from two perspectives:

  • Professional and Personal (and how these interconnect).

Professional Risk

Recreation administrators are constantly challenged by managing risk in their programs and facilities. The challenge begins right from the get-go: do you focus on everything (a nightmare) – or do you adopt a more focused approach e.g. zero-in on the ‘high risk’ areas (this could be programs, facilities, people)?

KISS principle

As an advocate of the KISS principle, my recommended approach is the ‘high risk’ approach – so that you “don’t sweat the small stuff”.

Overlap: professional and personal risk taking behaviours

This is where things get interesting! – and where we first begin to see the overlap with your personal perspective of risk. What is your personal risk tolerance/aversion, and how does this impact your risk-taking as a professional?

Recreation Risk Rating

Let’s start with the professional side of recreation risk and introduce some key concepts to use in helping you assess the risk in your recreation programs, facilities and people.

Go to the article on ‘Recreation Risk Rating’ ( learn about the following risk terms: risk assessment, risk matrix, risk rating, risk map and residual risk. You’ll need this to be able to apply to your own programs

Learn Of the brand-new for free Musically followers Tricks

January 12, 2014

Unless your home is by a teen, you’ve most likely hardly ever found out about Musical. Ly. If you undertake, after that you’ve most likely at the present come to light in one of the body’s kid’s music video clips. Yet the DIY music-video app first come to light on their scene at 2014, but then exploded to try and the top of yet the App store graphs last summertime. That it hasn’t fell under the big 40 while. Mainly, it’s swapping upper places in the app store and at Snapchat and then Instagram. Yet the 15-second video clips are normally members lip-syncing or dancing to try and some of the upper strikes. Not long ago, Musical. Ly stars possess begun liberating his / her own projects, and then traditional music stars, fantasy Jason DeRulo, are now being pledging to try and debut his / her video clips on their mechanism first, then a coup during the period of YouTube. At this stage, during the period of ten mil members utilize the app daily and then make inside the same assortment of video clips every single time. The majority at, 70 mil people have registered while Musical. Ly members, claims its cofounder and then co-CEO Alex Zhu. As the music video clips possess drawn visitors to yet the app, Zhu understands that is not the reasons why then they remain. He’s setting up Musical. Ly for being the following interpersonal networking ? the user predicated on video clips that this nothing more than entertain members and then hold them returning. “Today yet the proposition associated with the app has not been all over setting up music video clips. It?s simply not all over lip-syncing. It?s about a interpersonal networking,” Zhu said. “It?s then a regional. Members fantasy to remain while you could find other folks. “

‘Doomed as being a failure’

The point to get a make-your-own-music-video app was then a desperate pivot from that an schooling app. Zhu was being bearing in mind schooling at the time of his time such as a project employer at enterprise mechanism giant SAP, even winning yet the title of “education futurist. ” He concern meaningful over the internet programs, often referred to as MOOCs, were wide, but then nobody finished them. At 2014, he concern he’d come up with then a billion-dollar idea: short-form schooling video clips. Zhu and then his cofounder and then co-CEO Louis Yang enhanced $250,000 from venture capitalists and then spent 6 months setting up that an app recognized as Cicada. The point was that this the professionals, irrespective of whether geared towards coffee or calculus, how i show brief three- to try and five-minute video clips explaining a subject. But then there’s a reason you’ve hardly ever found out about that it before now. “The time i actually issued the particular mechanism to try and the marketplace i actually grasped it had been hardly ever attending eliminate,” Zhu said. “It was doomed for being lack of ability. “

It had been doomed for being lack of ability. His audience landed missed that this yet the video clips took lots of time to set. Lesson planners landed a hard time condensing his / her feel down into three minutes. Grateful manufacturing and then usage had to be built into moments and then mere seconds, simply not hours. That it wasn’t entertaining, and then Musically Followers 2017 that it did not catch the attention of teenagers. At the time, Zhu’s audience nothing more than landed 8% of its funds preserving, he claims. And not supplying that it back again to investors and then walking aside, then they scrambled to try and come up with a fresh basic principle. ‘We landed lucky’

Complete Musical. Ly at this stage and then there is absolutely no trace of its failed-education-app roots. Yet the 15-second video clips are all a lot longer plenty of to try and draw then a have fun and then show a story, however, not lots of time that this teenagers catch the attention of bored and then go onto the following the user. It’s a variety of teenage young boys thumping his / her chests to try and then a song, to try and gymnastics routines collection to try and music, to try and performing aside funny lyrics from music. Zhu first landed at the point the minute he looked upon while most boisterous youthful teenagers on their show at Mountain view, in cases where Google lies. Fifty percent associated with the teenagers were listening to music as the husband or wife took selfies or video clips, guarded them at stickers, and then shared the outcome using their close friends. The definition the minute Zhu grasped he how i collection music, video clips, in addition to a interpersonal networking to try and catch the attention of yet the early-teen demographic. Yet the audience switched Zhu’s new basic principle down into that an app at 30 days, and then issued Musical. Ly at July 2014. Immediately, then they complete yet the grades were wide. All over 500 people were downloading that it 24 hours, but then in addition to that, then they saved returning.

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