Looking at Recreation risk through different lenses: Risk Rating

October 06, 2014


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Risk rating in recreation – let’s get real with some examples!

Concept of residual risk

Using the ‘Risk Rating’ approach, take a look at a couple of recreation programs or facilities you are responsible for. Come up with an initial risk rating (with no controls), then apply your controls (i.e. risk management strategies) and then re-calculate the risk rating to determine your ‘residual risk’.  (To calculate ‘risk rating’ go to http://goo.gl/nbpbvy)

(Alternatively, look at something like a Rugby club program or Climbing Wall facility – and go through the same risk rating exercise.

Residual risk too high?

What did you find? Do you feel that your ‘residual risk’ is too high even after controls are in place? Are there any additional controls that you could put in place?

What do you do now?

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