Looking at Recreation risk through different lenses: Risk Definitions

September 09, 2014

lookingDiscover new ways of looking at recreation ‘risk’!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be discussing the following concepts:

  • Risk Matrix, Risk Map, Risk Assessment, Risk Rating, Risk Management, Residual Risk, Risk Appetite, Risk Tolerance, Risk Aversion, Risk Behaviour; Enterprise Risk

We’ll also be looking at risk from two perspectives:

  • Professional and Personal (and how these interconnect).

Professional Risk

Recreation administrators are constantly challenged by managing risk in their programs and facilities. The challenge begins right from the get-go: do you focus on everything (a nightmare) – or do you adopt a more focused approach e.g. zero-in on the ‘high risk’ areas (this could be programs, facilities, people)?

KISS principle

As an advocate of the KISS principle, my recommended approach is the ‘high risk’ approach – so that you “don’t sweat the small stuff”.

Overlap: professional and personal risk taking behaviours

This is where things get interesting! – and where we first begin to see the overlap with your personal perspective of risk. What is your personal risk tolerance/aversion, and how does this impact your risk-taking as a professional?

Recreation Risk Rating

Let’s start with the professional side of recreation risk and introduce some key concepts to use in helping you assess the risk in your recreation programs, facilities and people.

Go to the article on ‘Recreation Risk Rating’ (http://goo.gl/nbpbvy) learn about the following risk terms: risk assessment, risk matrix, risk rating, risk map and residual risk. You’ll need this to be able to apply to your own programs

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