Youth Camps Checklist

April 28, 2016

Ian McGregor, Ph.D.
President, SportRisk

Since Youth Camps participants are minors, these unique programs should automatically be classified as ‘high-risk’. Since the standard of care for minors is very high (the reasonable parent test), program planners need to pay extra attention and sound risk management principles incorporated into all planning efforts.

The following checklist is designed to help professionals focus on the key risk management issues that need to be addressed when planning a Youth Camps program. For more detail in each of the identified areas, consult the text: ‘SportRisk Planning Manual’.

Camp Director position
Qualifications and Training
Position descriptions and roles
Background checks
Minimum age for staff hiring

Camper Ratios
Lesson Plans with progressions
Transition/ Washroom/ Lunch supervision (Peanut Club?)
Participant matching
Strategies for different age groups
Behavior Management
Pre-post camp activities/ programs
Residence supervision (overnight camps)

Pre-camp training/ orientation
Onsite (in-service) training
Emergency Response; First Aid/ CPR etc.
Dealing with Heat and Sun
Mandated Reporter
Behavior Management

Parental Consent
To participate/ allow emergency care/ EpiPen admin./ taking photos
Medical questionnaire
Allergies/ medical problems/ medications/ behavioral issues
Pick-up/ Drop-off procedures
/ sign-out checklist; Procedures for late pick-up
Risk Information
Medical insurance information
Emergency contact information
‘Parents Survival Guide’ (search for article on this in the Newsletter archives)

Emergency Response Plan
Missing campers
Fire/ evacuation/ weather/ medical emergency procedures
Safety and communication equipment
Accident follow-up; accident reports

Facilities & Equipment
Facilities/ Facility-related Equipment/ Activity Equipment/ Protective Equipment
Inspections and Checklists

Employee Issues
Sexual harassment/ child abuse/ sexual misconduct

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