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October 04, 2016

What is a reasonable approach to concussion management in Campus Recreation – particularly in Sport Clubs and Intramurals?

As a minimum, your department needs to develop concussion protocols which apply to Campus Recreation as a whole. A good starting point might be the Varsity program at your school – find out what they are doing and see if their protocols can be applied to Campus Recreation.

In addition to this, it is important that a ‘Concussion Education Program’ be developed and implemented for Campus Recreation, focusing on

(Note that at this time, ‘Return to Learn/Play Protocols’ are likely not realistic/reasonable in the Campus Recreation setting. Staff simply don’t have the knowledge or skills to make this call – not to mention the time required!)

The target audience for your ‘Concussion Education Program’ should initially include
Participants (Sport Clubs; Intramurals)
Staff (Sport Clubs coaches and safety officers, Intramural referees, front desk staff; program & facility staff)

Resources to help you develop a ‘Concussion Education Program’.
a) Awareness/Education
Videos: (10 min) (5 min) (50 min)

Concussion Roadmap Booklet:

b) Recognition
Concussion Recognition Tool (a Pocket Guide)

Some Key Websites:
(Includes information on ‘Sports Concussion State Laws’
(Includes great mobile app aimed at youth, parents and educators)
(Zurich Consensus statement on Concussions in Sport)

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