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Creating a ‘Student Risk Manager’ position

April 08, 2011

Cary Primeau
Recreation Coordinator
University of Saskatchewan

As recreation professionals, we all have risk management on our radar – among other duties that our busy jobs entail. Unfortunately, we cannot be all things to all people and often important risk management issues or initiatives fall by the wayside. Rather than lose sight of these important initiatives and day-to-day tasks, effective delegation becomes the key.

Like most Campus Recreation programs, the majority of programming occurs at times when our office is closed, i.e. after the regular office day. Hence at the University of Saskatchewan, a ‘Student Risk Manager’ position has been created which essentially acts as the liaison between what happens in the regular operation of programs, games and other events and the managers of those programs in the office. The Student Risk Manager reports directly to the Facility Manager (who is also the chair of the department’s Risk Management Committee) completing the loop of information-sharing among all programs.

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A Risk Manager’s Thoughts on Waivers

March 31, 2011

Joe Risser CPCU, ARM-P
Director, Risk Management
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Waivers or Release of Liability Agreements may result in a college or university developing an unwarranted sense of protection from liability. These intended legal contracts designed to (a) transfer responsibility for participation in an activity and (b) transfer responsibility for financing of a loss due to the activity may rest on enforcement by one or more courts. Details in wording, presentation, administration and even record keeping can be critical.

Often there are a variety of points of view from different campus stakeholders about the use of waivers. Perhaps they should be used as a part of the application and enrollment process for the college or university? Used only for voluntary activities, but not for course required activities, campus funded activities or off campus activities involving travel?

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