New Webinar Training Modules

April 28, 2011

New Webinar Training Modules

Staff training is of critical importance to a successful Campus Recreation operation. In addition to training in various safety protocols (see article in this Newsletter on ‘Developing a Safety Training Grid’), other training modules are needed to address other areas e.g. specific job training, sexual harassment etc..

Have you considered using (pre-recorded) Webinars as a training tool? There are several advantages to using Webinars as a training tool:
*Recorded Webinars are accessible at any time, on any desktop or laptop
*Year-long access to Webinars allow continuous and consistent training of newly hired staff.
*Content is delivered by experts saving staff time in preparing and delivering training material.
*Reasonable cost: less than $100 per Webinar (for a full academic year!)
*Cost effective — eliminates travel costs of bringing in experts to deliver content.

McGregor & Associates have developed 8 new  training Webinars designed to complement your fall/winter training programs. These webinars are strategically organized into 2 distinct Series:
(A) Negligence & Risk Management (B) Sport Clubs and Travel (see below)

In addition, there is a ‘tracking option’ available (for ‘Negligence Awareness Training’ only) which provides confirmation that student training has been successfully completed.

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This is a Test…of your emergency response system

April 12, 2011

Mary Chappell, Director
Jason Krone, Associate Director, Programs, Sport Club Director
Jill Urkoski; Associate Director, Fitness and Staff Development
University of Kansas Recreation Services

The fast pace world in which we live in most definitely leaves us vulnerable to all types of risk. For those who work on today’s college campuses, it is a 24/7 duty cycle that transitions from Fall to Winter, Spring to Summer, Semesters to Quarters, and Event to Event.

When a campus incident rocks your world and that of your staff and participants, have you asked yourself “Are you ready to respond?”. Can you truthfully say that you have a plan in place for everything from evacuations, to sheltering in place? Can you say that your staff is ready to respond should they be called on to do so? If not, you are strongly recommended to start the planning process as soon as you finish reading this response guideline. The time is now. Call a staff meeting, and begin the process to develop an Emergency Response Plan that works for your Campus Recreation core mission: a plan that becomes embedded in the framework of your department, unit, reporting structure and campus environment. Quoting Frank De Salvo, Associate Vice Provost at the University of Kansas: “Emergency response preparation is not only valuable in the case of unforeseen circumstances. Such processes also contribute to team building, role clarification and accountability among staff members at all levels of the organization. It is clearly a prudent and profitable investment of time and energy.”

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It Can Happen to You!

April 12, 2011

Lessons learned from real-life emergencies

Julie Stoehr
IM Sports/Fitness/Recreation Coordinator and Facility Manager
Penn State Harrisburg

“Someone’s collapsed in the racquetball courts!” These are words that all fitness facility staff dread, but ones for which they must be prepared. Performing life-saving techniques is something that one prepares for through yearly CPR/AED certification, but hopes never to have to execute. Results of life-saving efforts are rather clear-cut….. life or death. There is no room for ambiguity. Regardless of the outcome however, much can be learned from emergency situations and response procedures that were implemented from beginning to end. Despite the plethora of CPR/AED/First Aid training that most fitness facility directors and staff attend, nothing quite prepares one for the actual act of performing life-saving procedures.

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Audit 911

April 11, 2011

Establishing an All-Inclusive Staff Training for a Multi-Purpose Facility

Jennifer Garis
Aquatic Director
Campus Recreation
Florida State University

On campuses across North America, Recreation departments are often known as having some of the best risk management practices. The student staff is generally certified in CPR, First Aid, and AED, and the lifeguards typically hold upper level health and safety certifications. However, are they prepared to work together in facilities that have up to 6,000 participants per day and 20 staff on duty at any particular time?

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Van Driver Training Programs

April 08, 2011

Choose a comprehensive Driver Education Program that is available when you need it.

Eric Green
Associate Director of Programs
Recreation and Wellness Services
University of Akron

Policies and procedures for travel need to include many elements including driver screening, insurance review, purchasing vehicles with higher safety ratings, proper maintenance and driver training. The University of Akron Department of Recreation and Wellness Services wanted a passenger van driving education program that increased safety and reduced preventable incidents. The program needed to

  • Provide flexible scheduling for driver testing
  • Provide accountable results
  • Meet the expectations of the University’s Department of Risk Management
  • Be cost effective.

The program selected was the six hour ‘I-Drive Safely’ passenger van course from FLEET corporate driving (

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Training: Start to Finish

April 08, 2011

Jim Fitzsimmons
Associate Director, Campus Recreation and Wellness
University of Nevada, Reno

The old adage ‘judgment comes from experience and good judgment comes from bad experience’ holds true in just about all facets of life. I find this especially true in how we train our staff members for everyday operations and emergencies.

Think about how you train your staff to respond to various emergencies, be it power outage, medical emergency or evacuation. What do you focus on? At what stage of the emergency to you start your training and where does it stop?

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