SNAPSHOT: Concussions

February 16, 2017

Jared Ginter

Director of Athletic Facilities

Trinity Western University


We now have risk management Best Practices data for over 100 schools across N. America.

In each Newsletter we’ll report a selection of our more interesting findings.

This issue: Concussions

In the Best Practices surveys, we asked if concussion protocols were in place for Intramurals and Sport Clubs   Participating universities told us:


  We are doing We plan to do We aren’t planning to do
Intramurals 39 (37%) 46 (44%) 20 (19%)
Sport Clubs 43 (46%) 40 (43%) 10 (11%)


We also asked if staff were required to have training in concussion protocols in the arena, sport clubs and intramurals.  Universities told us:

  We are doing We plan to do We aren’t planning to do
Arena 21% 8% 71%
Intramurals 28% 45% 27%
Sport Clubs 36% 47% 17%

What does this tell you?

  • If you don’t have protocols or training in place for concussions you are not alone, so no need to panic.  However – action is needed.
  • Many University recreation departments see the need for concussion protocols and training, but have yet to put their plan into action.
  • If you have an arena and no concussion protocols in place, check to see if any of the user groups in the facility have implemented these protocols.  Find out and work with them on developing facility protocols or best practices for user groups.  This is a great way to share resources.

What should you do?

  • Connect with some widely available resources to establish protocols and develop some training.  You don’t need to invent your own, use the experts. (See ‘Concussion Resources’ page xxx)
  • Your protocols and training can be simple to start and grow over time.
  • Start training key staff and students – as they become more experienced they can train other staff and students.
  • Identify and provide support for a concussion management champion in your department.
  • Check with your University Risk Manager as to how concussions are being viewed by your insurance provider.
  • Start by first working with your high-risk contact Sport Clubs.  Once they are up and ready, training other Clubs will be much easier.

What other information can we share?

  • Is concussion policy implementation better or worse in schools with more than 25,000 Students?
  • Are implementation rates better in your conference?  Your state? Your NIRSA region?
  • How do you compare to those in your conference? Your state? Your NIRSA region?
  • You may have some really great resources right down the road that you do not know about.

Stay tuned for some more snapshots in the areas identified above!

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