Hazing Study

April 07, 2011

Ian McGregor, Ph.D.
President, McGregor & Associates

Hazing/ initiation continues to be a serious problem on many campuses – despite numerous high profile incidents
reported recently. NIRSA recently collaborated on a special project taking place at the University of Maine.
Coordinated by the National Research Institute for College Recreational Sports & Wellness, the study involved 1,789
students answering a 70-question web-based survey. Some of the preliminary findings of Phase I of the study may
(or may not) surprise you:
– 1 in 20 students indicated they had been hazed at their current institution
– hazing was reported across many types of teams and student organizations
– 60% of varsity athletes indicated they engaged in hazing behavior
– students indicated that coaches and advisors are aware of hazing activity.

Perhaps the most significant implication for Sport Clubs was the finding that 22% of
respondents indicated that their coach or advisor actually took part in the hazing ritual.
To learn more about the study, go to the NIRSA website or see www.hazingstudy.com

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