Emergency Evacuation Plan Using a Simple Card System

April 07, 2011

Looking for an effective (and simple) way of handling emergency evacuations (e.g. fire)? Here’s an idea from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

  • Print a series of ‘Instruction Cards’ (see examples below)
  • Store Cards in central, accessible location (e.g. Front Desk)
  • Train staff on use of Cards AND conduct practice drills
  • When an emergency occurs (e.g. fire alarm), staff go to central location
  • Cards are handed out randomly
  • Staff follow instructions printed on their Card

Simple and effective, this plan ensures that all areas are covered – and does not rely on certain staff being present to handle specific tasks — i.e. resolves the issue of absent staff (vacations, sickness etc,).

Samples of Cards:

Card #1
Men’s Locker Room
Varsity Locker Room
Main Gym & Gym Storage

Card #2
Peak Performance Room
Group Fitness Room
Lower Squash courts

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