Hazing Prevention Strategies

January 14, 2014

Ryan Hamilton, PhD MSES
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
University of New Brunswick
Sport Psychology Consultant

Editors Note: This is the second of two articles by Dr. Hamilton on Hazing. The first article appeared in Volume 8#2.
The term hazing represents a vast number of activities that potentially degrade, embarrass, endanger or abuse incoming group members. These behaviors continue to be highly prevalent as indicated by recent empirical study – in spite of the introduction of anti-hazing policies. Indeed, more than 90% of varsity athletes report being hazed at some point in their athletic career, with 86% reporting being hazed as a part of joining their university team (Allan & Madden, 2008; Hamilton et al., 2013). The causes and supporting factors of hazing are vast and complex and thus, new rules alone are often inadequate in quelling these behaviours. This is not to say that new rules are not important, but simply that they are not sufficient to create meaningful changes in initiation practices. Educational initiatives, replacement activities, moral engagement processes, and leadership moments must all be fostered to prevent the continued and cyclical perpetration of hazing behaviours. Hazing prevention strategies are the focus of this article.
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The Road Map to Successful Facility Management: Part 3

January 12, 2014

Jimmy Francis
Director, Student Recreation Center
CSU, Northridge

Editors note: This article is the first of a 3-part series. Part 1: Human Resource Management, Part 2: Building and Equipment Management, Part 3: Budget Management.

Part 3: Budget Management
It would be challenging to accomplish all the strategies discussed throughout this series of articles without the proper funding. Whether you are dedicating staff to research questions that were asked in this article or replacing a malfunctioning piece of equipment on your fitness floor, those things cost money. In this last major stop on our road map to successful facility management, four aspects of budgeting for a facility will be discussed. There are many different ways to approach the planning and management of a facility budget and there a few important core values of a successful budgeter.

A successful budget manager should be organized and analytical. You must spend time both organizing your budget and thinking about it. Don’t forget that, ultimately, your boss pays you to not only do things, but to think!

Lastly, in the midst of these tough economic times, entrepreneurial thinking can be one of the best qualities a professional can have. Those that specialize in doing more with less and figuring out additional ways to generate revenue from their facility are the ones moving up the ladder. Now that a few core values have been introduced, four areas of facility management budgeting will be discussed.
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Learn Of the brand-new for free Musically followers Tricks

January 12, 2014

Unless your home is by a teen, you’ve most likely hardly ever found out about Musical. Ly. If you undertake, after that you’ve most likely at the present come to light in one of the body’s kid’s music video clips. Yet the DIY music-video app first come to light on their scene at 2014, but then exploded to try and the top of yet the App store graphs last summertime. That it hasn’t fell under the big 40 while. Mainly, it’s swapping upper places in the app store and at Snapchat and then Instagram. Yet the 15-second video clips are normally members lip-syncing or dancing to try and some of the upper strikes. Not long ago, Musical. Ly stars possess begun liberating his / her own projects, and then traditional music stars, fantasy Jason DeRulo, are now being pledging to try and debut his / her video clips on their mechanism first, then a coup during the period of YouTube. At this stage, during the period of ten mil members utilize the app daily and then make inside the same assortment of video clips every single time. The majority at, 70 mil people have registered while Musical. Ly members, claims its cofounder and then co-CEO Alex Zhu. As the music video clips possess drawn visitors to yet the app, Zhu understands that is not the reasons why then they remain. He’s setting up Musical. Ly for being the following interpersonal networking ? the user predicated on video clips that this nothing more than entertain members and then hold them returning. “Today yet the proposition associated with the app has not been all over setting up music video clips. It?s simply not all over lip-syncing. It?s about a interpersonal networking,” Zhu said. “It?s then a regional. Members fantasy to remain while you could find other folks. “

‘Doomed as being a failure’

The point to get a make-your-own-music-video app was then a desperate pivot from that an schooling app. Zhu was being bearing in mind schooling at the time of his time such as a project employer at enterprise mechanism giant SAP, even winning yet the title of “education futurist. ” He concern meaningful over the internet programs, often referred to as MOOCs, were wide, but then nobody finished them. At 2014, he concern he’d come up with then a billion-dollar idea: short-form schooling video clips. Zhu and then his cofounder and then co-CEO Louis Yang enhanced $250,000 from venture capitalists and then spent 6 months setting up that an app recognized as Cicada. The point was that this the professionals, irrespective of whether geared towards coffee or calculus, how i show brief three- to try and five-minute video clips explaining a subject. But then there’s a reason you’ve hardly ever found out about that it before now. “The time i actually issued the particular mechanism to try and the marketplace i actually grasped it had been hardly ever attending eliminate,” Zhu said. “It was doomed for being lack of ability. “

It had been doomed for being lack of ability. His audience landed missed that this yet the video clips took lots of time to set. Lesson planners landed a hard time condensing his / her feel down into three minutes. Grateful manufacturing and then usage had to be built into moments and then mere seconds, simply not hours. That it wasn’t entertaining, and then Musically Followers 2017 that it did not catch the attention of teenagers. At the time, Zhu’s audience nothing more than landed 8% of its funds preserving, he claims. And not supplying that it back again to investors and then walking aside, then they scrambled to try and come up with a fresh basic principle. ‘We landed lucky’

Complete Musical. Ly at this stage and then there is absolutely no trace of its failed-education-app roots. Yet the 15-second video clips are all a lot longer plenty of to try and draw then a have fun and then show a story, however, not lots of time that this teenagers catch the attention of bored and then go onto the following the user. It’s a variety of teenage young boys thumping his / her chests to try and then a song, to try and gymnastics routines collection to try and music, to try and performing aside funny lyrics from music. Zhu first landed at the point the minute he looked upon while most boisterous youthful teenagers on their show at Mountain view, in cases where Google lies. Fifty percent associated with the teenagers were listening to music as the husband or wife took selfies or video clips, guarded them at stickers, and then shared the outcome using their close friends. The definition the minute Zhu grasped he how i collection music, video clips, in addition to a interpersonal networking to try and catch the attention of yet the early-teen demographic. Yet the audience switched Zhu’s new basic principle down into that an app at 30 days, and then issued Musical. Ly at July 2014. Immediately, then they complete yet the grades were wide. All over 500 people were downloading that it 24 hours, but then in addition to that, then they saved returning.

Youth Camps: Scary Stuff!

April 17, 2013

Priority areas for managing risk

Ian McGregor, Ph.D.
President, Ian McGregor & Associates Inc.

Guess which Campus Recreation program has the highest risk profile? That’s right – Youth Camps!

Since your clients are MINORS, the standard of care is very high. The ‘reasonable parent test’ requires you to take care of minors as if they are your own children. That’s a pretty high standard!! Hence program planners need to pay extra attention and apply sound risk management principles when planning camps.

The recent ‘Freeh Report’ has brought into sharp focus the enormous duty universities accept when minors venture onto campus to participate in an amazing variety of programs and activities aimed specifically at minors. (How has your school reacted to the Freeh report? You may want to find out!)

Your planning list is long e.g. staffing, supervision, training, documentation, emergency response — to name only a few issues. This article focuses on what you MUST take care of as a top priority.
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The Power of the Waiver:

April 17, 2013

Loychuk v. Cougar Mountain Adventures Ltd.

Bruno De Vita
Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP

Waivers and releases of liability have been proven to be an effective risk management tool
in avoiding liability, particularly for entities that are regularly engaged in the area of sport
and recreation. A recent decision of the British Columbia Court of Appeal in Loychuk v.
Cougar Mountain Adventures Ltd., 2012 BCCA 122 demonstrates just how powerful a tool
waivers can be and, when properly drafted, how resilient they can be to challenges of
unfairness and unconscionability.

The case involved two plaintiffs, Loychuck and Westgeest. They were injured when
Westgeest was allowed to be sent down a zipline by Cougar Mountain employees at a time
when Loychuck, who had immediately preceded her, was suspended on the line before
reaching the bottom. Although the guides employed by the operator were in communication
by walkie-talkie, the individual directing Westgeest was not advised that Loychuck had
become suspended in mid-course. Westgeest was allowed to proceed down the line and
came into collision with Loychuck at considerable speed and without any ability to stop
herself or slow her descent. The operator’s employees were clearly negligent and so the
only defence available to the operator was the waiver of liability that each of the plaintiffs
had signed prior to the commencement of the activity.
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The Ball is in Your Court

April 17, 2013

Sports Law 101: Negligence

Katharine M. Nohr, J.D.

The most important type of tort to understand in sports risk management and sports law is negligence. Negligence is conduct that falls below a reasonable person standard. In other words, it is the failure to exercise reasonable care that a reasonably prudent person would have in the same or similar circumstances. This standard applies to acts as well as omissions.

There are elements that a plaintiff in a lawsuit has to prove in order for a defendant to be found to be negligent. The four elements of negligence are as follows:
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