Online Risk Assessment

Do you have the skills and knowledge to conduct an internal Risk Management audit of your department?   How well do you stack up compared to other schools – and how will you know?

Why not leave it to the experts?

McGregor & Associates’ exclusive ‘Online Risk Assessment’ provides key benchmark data for your department (relative to over 100 North American universities), and uncovers critical gaps in your risk management plan.


Various staff members complete an online survey in their area of responsibility (e.g. Aquatics, Intramurals etc.).  Department-wide involvement in completing these surveys ensures buy-in to overall project, plus ownership of the outcomes detailed in the report.

There are eight (8) Program surveys

    Fitness/ Wellness
    Non-credit Instruction
    Outdoor Program
    Youth/Summer Camps
    Sport Clubs
    Weight Room/ Fitness Center

And six (6) General Administration surveys

    Risk Management Plan
    Emergency Response Plan
    Facilities & Equipment
    Rentals & Special Events

The focus of each of the ‘Program’ surveys is the ’5 Key Risk Areas’:

  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Supervision/ Instruction
  • Training
  • Facilities & Equipment
  • Documentation

This means that meaningful comparisons can be made between program units and hence inconsistencies are targeted.

Each survey takes 5-10 minutes to complete


McGregor & Associates analyze data

  • Detailed Report provided within 10 days
  • 1 hour phone consultation with Director to discuss report and recommendations

Report includes:
a) Benchmark Data for internal and external comparison
b) Detailed Analysis of risk profiles:

    • Graphic comparisons with other universities of program and administrative scores: your benchmark data!
    • Graphic internal comparisons between all program unit scores: highlights program inconsistencies.
    • Detailed analysis and breakdown of program and administrative scores: pinpoints vulnerable areas.

c) A comprehensive list of recommended (and doable) strategies for immediate action.
d) The ‘Top Five’ priorities identified for your department.

Added bonus! – our new ‘Global Risk Assessment’

This new (optional) survey looks at the other key risks your department confronts on a daily basis: Financial Risks; Human Resources Risks; Reputational Risk; Security Risks; Data Risks.

Cost of Online Risk Assessment: $1250


    *Cost effective (no need to fly in someone to conduct audit)
    *Focus is on ‘high-risk’ areas ensures audit process is not overwhelming
    *Conducted by McGregor & Associates – THE experts in Risk Management

Don’t put it off – act now!

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