SportRisk Training Videos

Short training videos perfect for staff meetings

Why Online VideoTraining?

Video training is designed to complement your ‘on-ground’ training efforts.

Key benefits of these exciting training modules

  • Training videos are short, narrowly focused on one topic
  • Applying micro-learning concept results in ‘quick refreshers’ and just-in-time learning
  • Videos can be viewed individually or in a group setting (e.g. staff meetings)
  • Animated videos are fun and engaging
  • Unlimited access to videos by all department staff
  • Viewed on any platform at any time

Special Offer: All Videos (Core + Professional) $650 ($200 Savings)

Core Risk Management Series: Negligence & Risk Management simplified

Why Negligence is such a Big Deal?

What is Risk Management?

Negligence Awareness Training for Student Supervisors (with tracking)

Determining Risk Profile (3 mini videos)

  • Introduction
  • Risk Matrix
  • Risk Rating

Core Risk Management Series package price

Core Risk Management Series package price $250

Professional Series

A. Risk Management More Info

1. Risk Management Committee
2. Nuts & Bolts of Risk Management Planning
Package Price $75

B. Waivers More Info

Waivers Simplified
Constructing a Waiver
Waiver Administration
Using Waivers
Package Price

C. Sport Clubs More Info

Safety Officer Training
Negligence Awareness Training
Classification Systems
Sport Club Council
Leadership Training
Package Price $300

D. Travel More Info

Transportation Planning Essentials
Travel Planning Tools
Package Price $75

E. Emergency Response Planning More Info

Putting it together
Best Practices
Student Training
Package Price $150

F. Youth Camps More Info

Behaviour Management
Missing Child Procedures
Package Price $75

G. General More Info

Lightning Safety
Waivers Simplified
Medical Screening Simplified
Event Planning Simplified
Climbing Wall Safety
Package Price $150

Special Offer: All Videos (Core + Professional) $650 ($200 Savings)

Safety Shorts Series: Launching soon!

The Sport Clubs online course provided an outstanding curriculum that allowed me to gauge our program’s “health”, and critically assess our protocols. The wealth of information and feedback provided throughout the four weeks was really impactful, and will both benefit our student-athletes and enhance my knowledge base.”

James Wayne

Coordinator – Sport Clubs
Illinois State University

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