Concussions Training Package

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Athlete concussions pose a significant challenge for Campus Recreation and Varsity programs.

For Campus Recreation, the absence of an Athletic Trainer (AT), especially for Sport Clubs, means that many concussions go undetected and even worse, participants often remain in the game after sustaining a concussion – risking a second and sometimes fatal concussion.

For Varsity Athletics, a key issue is that despite the presence of an AT, athletes don’t want to leave the field of play (tough it out!) – and coaches don’t want to lose a player. And both don’t fully understand the seriousness of concussions.

What to do?
For Campus Recreation, the reality is that hiring an AT won’t solve the problem by itself – there are just too many participants involved.

For Varsity, athletes need to accept that taking themselves out of the game is not a sign of weakness.

So realistically, the best approach is to do the following:

Campus Recreation

  • Increase concussion awareness for everyone (e.g. participants, staff).
  • Provide additional training in concussion recognition and response – for key people (e.g. Sport Clubs coaches & safety officers; Intramural referees; full-time Recreation staff).
  • Note – subscription is unlimited use for 12 months:  i.e. no limit on number of people who can watch the videos, access the written materials!

Varsity Athletics

  • Increase concussion awareness (participants, coaches, staff).
  • Focus on removing stigma around athletes getting their ‘bell wrung’.
  • Train everyone on their responsibility to the team through recognizing and acting on a suspected concussion.

Introducing the ‘SportRisk Concussion Training Package’

Resources included in the package:

1. Education & Awareness Training

Animated Video (7 min): Quiz incorporated at end of video provides participant tracking (online implementation)
Written Materials: General information on concussion
Concussion myths

2. Recognition & Response Training

Animated Video (8 min): Quiz incorporated at end of video provides participant tracking (online implementation)
Written Materials: Additional information on concussions
Concussion Recognition Tool

3. Education & Awareness Training for Varsity Athletes

Similar material to #1 above but focusing on athlete, coach and team responsibility
Includes participant tracking.

Possible Implementation Strategies:

1. Online
Advantages: Easy set up & administration; allows participant tracking.

2. Classroom
Advantages: Allows interaction, questions
Disadvantages: Time-consuming to implement; no participant tracking.

How it Works for Administrators:

Upon registration, administrators receive instructions on how to proceed. Essentially, these instructions are then forwarded to email lists (e.g. Sport Clubs participants) asking them to read the materials, watch the movie, answer and submit the quiz at the end of the movie.

Administrators also receive instructions on how to access the data showing who has completed the training.

Annual Fee for whole package: $595

Key Features of ‘Concussions Training Package’

Education & Awareness‘ training module aimed at everyone (all participants and staff).

Recognition & Response‘ module provides more advanced training for key people (you determine who!)

Tracking feature (quiz) embedded into videos, allowing you to easily verify who has successfully completed the training.

$595 Annual subscription covers whole department – no caps on number of people who can watch videos, take training, access educational materials.

The Risk Management Best Practice program provides institutionally-specific feedback allowing our University Recreation department to prioritize areas for improvement to enhance the safety and well-being of our participants.  The thorough analysis by areas of operations provides our staff tangible information to determine our next steps and most effective course of action.  This feedback would take much longer and be less objective if we attempted to undertake the reviews on our own. The comparative data is good for learning trends in best practices of other institutions.

George M. Brown

Assistant Vice Provost,
Director of University Recreation and Wellness
The University of Minnesota

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