Someone gets concussed on your watch?

Preventing and responding to this means:

Preview of one of the training package videos below.

Concussion Training Package (U.S. version)

Canadian Residents go here

What’s the problem for Campus Recreation?

  • People really don’t understand concussions!
  • Absence of AT means concussions go undetected
  • Participants remain in game after sustaining concussion risking 2nd (sometimes fatal) concussion

Simple strategies to address problem:

  • Increase concussion awareness (for everyone)
  • Provide training in concussion recognition & response (for key people)


Register now for SportRisk’s Concussion Training Package! Cost: $475 

What do you get?

  • 2 Concussion training modules (‘Awareness’; ‘Recognition & Response’)
  • Includes 2 short animated movies (~7 mins)
  • Supporting materials (e.g. ‘Concussion Myths’ – perfect for handouts!)
  • Participant quiz and tracking tool embedded in movies (allows tracking of successful completion of training – in a downloadable spreadsheet). See sample below.
  • Added benefit: Unlimited use by anyone in Rec department – for a year!

Combo 1. Best Practices + Videos + Online Course:

Combo 2. Best Practices + Videos:

East Carolina University

I am starting up a brand new Athletic Training department in Campus Recreation and Sport Risk has been a key piece to the development of all of the concussion protocols we have been implementing for our students, staff and club athletes. Ian has been amazing, super flexible and easy to work with. You can easily get a hold of him and he is willing to work with the Sport Risk team to try and make adjustments in the concussion package deal when trying to adapt it specific to your program. I have mentioned SportRisk to many other programs already and look forward to continued use with the SportRisk team!

Jennifer “JP” Pidgeon
Assistant Director of Athletic Training, Campus Recreation & Wellness, East Carolina University

Penn State University

At Penn State, we require our student staff for Intramurals, club sport officers, and club sport coaches to complete two of the SportRisk training modules: Concussion Education & Awareness and Concussion Recognition & Response. These modules provide learners with information about concussions and the importance of identifying symptoms. We have received positive feedback about the module design and the content is easily transferrable. So far over 375 students and staff have passed the associated quizzes, and we are expecting that number to grow as the academic year continues.

Kristen Sullivan
Coordinator of Campus Recreation for Competitive Sports, Penn State University
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