Pricing Structure

The Best Practices risk assessment program is organized into two (2) distinct levels.  Here’s what you get in each Level:

Level 1: $750 a) Detailed ‘action recommendations‘ based on gaps detected by surveys.
b) Benchmark graph showing how you compare to other schools in all of the 16 Best Practices.
c) ScorePlus: an alternative way to show how you compare to others – and therefore what you should focus on.
d) Breakdown of each Best Practice area (e.g. Sport Clubs; Aquatics etc.) by category (e.g. staffing; emergency response etc.).
e) Three (3) custom comparison graphs showing how your scores compare with schools (i) your size (ii) within your state (iii) within your Athletic Conference (iv) by NIRSA Region (v) by institutional type (e.g. public v. private).
f) After 12 months: updated benchmark chart i.e. (b) above.
Level 2:
Note: you must first complete Level 1 before embarking on Level 2. (Refer to ‘Best Practices Description‘)

a) Action recommendations based on importance of gaps and deficiencies discovered in the ‘Global Department’ survey.
b) Benchmark graph for all 7 Business Risk areas showing how each school’s total score compares to other schools.
c) Expert-sourced resources to assist staff in addressing gaps identified by the Level 1 risk assessment surveys.
d) 10 custom queries of your choice e.g. “what is the % of schools in your state/ conference which use software management packages (e.g. Fusion)?”
e) Your choice of five (5) SportRisk training videos.

Best Practices

It’s great to work with expertise who really understand the critical issues of managing our inherent risk in recreation and student programming. As a professional who is committed to providing safe programming, it’s essential to know your problem areas and how your program measures up nationally. I want to do everything possible to identify weaknesses and build concrete action plans – and this assessment tool does both!

Kathleen Hatch

Director, University Recreation
Washington State University

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