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The following provides a brief description of SportRisk’s ‘Best Practices Risk Assessment Tool’. (For more information on how the tool was developed, vetted and tested, check the tab on ‘Best Practices: Methodology’.)


Beginning in 2014, a group of senior Canadian and U.S. recreation professionals initiated a project to develop a series of risk management ‘Best Practices’ for the Campus Recreation field. The approach was unique in that it focused on documenting Recreation Best Practices as opposed to standards.

The motivation for the project arose out of an expressed need by recreation professionals to find out what risk management operational practices other campuses were implementing – and therefore be able to determine how their own practices measured up (i.e. benchmarking).

Best Practices Description

The Best Practices Risk Assessment program is structured as follows:

A) Core Program: Risk of Injury & Litigation

Best Practices risk assessment surveys focus on Campus Recreation programs, facilities and general (see below); plus a demographics survey designed to capture key information on each school (to facilitate comparisons between schools based on many different criteria).

Programs: Sport Clubs; Intramurals; Youth Camps; Outdoor Program; Instruction.
Facilities: Weight Room; Fitness Center; Aquatics; Ice Arena; Fields; Climbing Wall; Facilities (general).
General: Risk Management Committee; Travel; Emergency Response; Waivers.
Demographics: school size, state/province; athletic conference; % male/female; public/private etc.

Program and Facility surveys are generally divided into 6 categories:

  • Staffing
  • Supervision & Instruction
  • Training
  • Facilities and Equipment
  • Documentation
  • Emergency Response Plan

B) Optional Add-on Extras

Option 1: ‘Global Department’ risks
A unique Best Practice risk assessment survey assesses ‘Global Department’ business-related risks for Campus Recreation operations (see below).

        Business Operations survey focuses on the following areas:

Financial risks
IT Data risks
Human Resources risks
Facility Security risks
Reputation risks
Customer Service risks
Other risks

Option 2: Expert-sourced Resources
These resources are tailored to specifically target gaps identified by the risk assessment surveys in the Core Program.

Option 3: Custom Queries
Thanks to our large database, we’ll provide answers to custom ‘queries’ based on individual school needs.

Option 4: Repeat of Core Program
After 1-2 years, repeat the Core Program to determine progress in addressing gaps in your risk management program.

What are the Deliverables?

A) Core Program: Risk of Injury & Litigation

Participating schools receive a Detailed Report (approx. 50 pages) which includes:

  • Action Recommendations based on importance of gaps and deficiencies discovered. The focus is on those Best Practices which experts consider more critical.  Click here to see a one-page sample of the report.
    Sample Report
  • Benchmark Graphs showing how your school’s score in each survey area compares to other schools (over 120 schools to date).
    Click here to see a sample comparison graph.

samplegraph_01 copy

  • ScorePlus
    For each survey, this number tells you how much better or worse you are relative to the average, where the average is scored at 100.  See sample below:

Scoreplus sample

  • Further breakdown of each survey by category (i.e. staffing, supervision, training etc.). Shown in an easy-to-read graph (see below).

Category Graphs 2

  • Three (3) custom comparison graphs showing how your scores compare to schools (i) of your size (ii) within your state/province (iii) within your Athletic Conference (iv) by NIRSA Region (v) institutional type (e.g. public v. private).
    See example:
    Scores and Averages sample 1Scores and Averages sample 2



B) Optional Add-on Extras

Option 1:  Global Department Risks     $350
Participating schools receive a detailed report which includes:
a) Action Recommendations  based on gaps and deficiencies discovered in the ‘Global Department’ survey.
b) Benchmark Graph for all 7 Business Risk areas showing how each school’s total score compares to other schools.

Option 2:  Expert-sourced Resources     $250
Expert-sourced resources
to assist staff in addressing gaps identified by the Core Program risk assessment surveys.
Resources include: sample policies & procedures; sample emergency response plan; checklists; web links etc.

Option 3:  Custom Queries      Cost based on number, depth of queries.
Custom Queries of your choice e.g. “which schools in your state/ conference which use software management packages (e.g. Fusion, Active Net)?” or “what is the % of schools by country/ state/ Athletic Conference etc. which have concussion policies and protocols in place for Campus Recreation programs?”

Option 4:     Repeat of Core Program     $500
After 1-2 years, repeat the Core Program to measure progress in addressing gaps in your original report.

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directly to learn more about our unique Best Practices program – and to start the process:

Ian McGregor:     604-200-3227

In July of 2015 California State University, Chico had the opportunity to participate in Sport Risk’s new ‘Best Practices’ risk management review conducted by Ian McGregor & Associates. Ian is clearly one of the most knowledgable and experienced leaders in risk management practices and our institution was excited to be one of the first Universities to use this new evaluation process. 

 While evaluating our programs we found his work to be innovative, comprehensive, and easy to use throughout all aspects of our various recreation programs. Because of his outstanding work we are using the recommendations as a catalyst for program improvement.  Being able to contrast our practices with other NIRSA institutions is invaluable in bringing our programs to a higher standard of excellence. Without hesitation, I would recommend this process to any collegiate recreation program who is interested in current, state of the art, risk management practices. You will find Ian McGregor and Associates to be professional and cost effective in helping you meet your administrative responsibilities.

Kimberly Scott

Director of Recreational Sports
Associate Director of Student Life
California State University, Chico

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