E: Youth Camps (2 Modules)

E1. Behavior Management in Youth Camps (44 mins)

The Challenge – when working in youth camps, managing camper behavior issues may be one of the most difficult, frustrating, and challenging tasks that your staff will face. We’ve yet to discover a singular approach to behavior management that works best for everyone.

The Solution – This behavior management webinar is based on the idea that all behavior can be boiled down to two types: behavior you want to enforce (desirable behavior) and behavior you want to extinguish (undesirable behavior). Attendees will walk away with a behavior management training framework that balances prevention strategies with interventions strategies that your staff can implement right away.

The Presenters – Jeff Heiser, Senior Asst. Director at UC Davis; Shannon Vaccaro, Assistant Director at Nebraska-Lincoln.

Learning Outcomes:
Understand desirable behavior and undesirable behavior.
Learn effective techniques to prevent undesirable behavior as well as to intervene with undesirable behavior.

E2. Missing Child Procedures 

The Challenge – A missing camper is your worst nightmare!  And it can happen so quickly!  With so many campus locations to search, responding quickly and effectively can be a daunting task.

The Solution – You need to develop a systematic plan based on creating a realistic and efficient search time-frame.  This webinar will walk you through what you must do to ensure your missing camper protocol is speedy and effective.  The important roles of camp staff and Campus Security will also be highlighted.

The Presenter – Alison Fisher, Camp Director, University of Regina.

Learning Outcomes:
Understand the potential impact of a missing camper – on you, your program and the University.
Learn how to develop an effective missing camper protocol.
Learn the importance of establishing an efficient search time-frame.
Understand the importance of campus-wide teamwork when carrying out the plan.

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Risk management can be such an overwhelming area in our business. The tool Ian has developed has comprehensive enough reporting to gather all the required knowledge about where we are at and where we need to go. More importantly though, it provides an excellent prioritization system that will allow us to get started in the most appropriate places.

Chris Dawe

Former Director of Campus Recreation, Mount Royal College
Principal Consultant, Strategic Healthy Impacts

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