Series G: General (5 Modules)

G1. Medical Screening Simplified (20 mins)

The Challenge — While you have a Duty to know if your clients are physically able to participate, it’s logistically almost impossible to medically screen everyone and/or follow up.
The Solution — A ‘High Risk’ approach to help you determine who should be/ needs to be medically screened.
Presenter: Dr. Ian McGregor, McGregor & Associates

Core Competencies: Legal Liability & Risk Management; Management Techniques
Target Audience: All staff
Webinar Content: You have a duty to know if your clients are physically able to participate, but screening everyone in Recreation is logistically almost impossible! This Webinar focuses on how a ‘high risk’ approach can help you determine if someone should be medically screening. Also discussed are the various screening protocols available to you.

Learning Outcomes:
Know how to use the ‘Risk Matrix’ to prioritize who needs to be medically screened.
Know the advantages and disadvantages of the different screening protocols available.
Know the realities and pitfalls involved in medically screening.
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G2. Event Planning Simplified (30 mins)

The Challenge — Event organizers really don’t understand the event planning process. Things get missed!
The Solution — A Simple Approach to planning and managing events.
Presenter: Joe Risser, Risk Management Design, Butte Idaho

Core Competencies: Legal Liability & Risk Management; Management Techniques
Target Audience: All staff
Webinar Content: The increased scope and scale of a special event can increase the risks of injury and damage, as well as attract unfavourable media attention. Also, spectators are usually involved adding a new safety dimension. This Webinar focuses on developing a simple process for managing events by identifying the key risks and developing a simple, focused event organizational and staffing plan.

Learning Outcomes:
Understand the complexities of organizing special events and the need for a simple planning process
Understand the 4 step planning process in managing special events
Understand risk control and transfer techniques for special events.
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G3. Climbing Wall Safety (30 mins)

The Challenge — People working in Climbing Gyms are not always aware of Industry Standards… hence ‘Best Practices’ are not always followed
The Solution — Get educated about and use Best Practices! Teach others!
Presenter: Heather Reynolds, Climbing and Outdoor Rec Program Coordinator, Dalhousie University.

Core Competencies: Legal Liability & Risk Management; Management Techniques
Target Audience:
Climbing Wall Staff and Instructors, plus co-workers in Recreation facility.
Webinar Content: People working in Climbing Gyms are not always aware of Industry Standards hence ‘Best Practices’ are not always used. This Webinar is designed to improve knowledge in Bouldering, Top Rope Climbing, Lead Climbing and Soloing. The presentation also focuses on ways staff can protect themselves from negligence, and how enhanced observation skills can help create a safe climbing environment.

Learning Outcomes:
Improved knowledge about some Climbing Wall ‘Best Practices’.
Better understanding on how to protect yourself from negligence.
Understand how enhanced observation skills can help create a safe environment.
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G4. Using Google Docs in Recreation (25 mins)

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The Challenge — Administrivia is killing productivity (as well as trees!).
The Solution— Use ‘Google Docs’ to help you get into the 2ist century through the efficient use of technology.
Presenter: Kathy Rose, Facilities Director, University of Kentucky

Core Competencies: Management Techniques
Target Audience: All Staff.
Webinar Content: Technology can greatly assist Recreation staff do their more efficiently. This Webinar illustrates how ‘Google Docs’ can be used in multiple recreation settings — from facility checklists to surveys to staff communication. Webinar also shows how to use Google Docs on an i-Pad.

Learning Outcomes:
Learn specific ways to use Google Docs in multiple recreation department settings.
Learn how to use Google Docs to develop at least 3 applications.
Learn how to create simple forms using Google Docs.

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G5. Behavior Management in Youth Camps (44 mins)

When working in youth camps, managing camper behavior issues may be one of the most difficult, frustrating, and challenging tasks that your staff will face. We’ve yet to discover a singular approach to behavior management that works best for everyone. This behavior management webinar is based on the idea that all behavior can be boiled down to two types: behavior you want to enforce (desirable behavior) and behavior you want to extinguish (undesirable behavior). Attendees will walk away with a behavior management training framework that balances prevention strategies with interventions strategies that your staff can implement right away.

Learning Outcomes:
Understand desirable behavior and undesirable behavior.
Learn effective techniques to prevent undesirable behavior as well as to intervene with undesirable behavior
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SportsRisk Webinar

In July of 2015 California State University, Chico had the opportunity to participate in Sport Risk’s new ‘Best Practices’ risk management review conducted by Ian McGregor & Associates. Ian is clearly one of the most knowledgable and experienced leaders in risk management practices and our institution was excited to be one of the first Universities to use this new evaluation process. 

 While evaluating our programs we found his work to be innovative, comprehensive, and easy to use throughout all aspects of our various recreation programs. Because of his outstanding work we are using the recommendations as a catalyst for program improvement.  Being able to contrast our practices with other NIRSA institutions is invaluable in bringing our programs to a higher standard of excellence. Without hesitation, I would recommend this process to any collegiate recreation program who is interested in current, state of the art, risk management practices. You will find Ian McGregor and Associates to be professional and cost effective in helping you meet your administrative responsibilities.

Kimberly Scott

Director of Recreational Sports
Associate Director of Student Life
California State University, Chico

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