Series F: Waivers (2 Modules)

F1. Waivers Simplified (20 mins)

The Challenge — Many people don’t really understand what a waiver is, what it does, and when it is most effective.
The Solution — A clear explanation of waivers in simple, everyday language.
Presenter: Dr. Ian McGregor, McGregor & Associates

Core Competencies: Legal Liability & Risk Management; Management Techniques
Target Audience: All staff
Webinar Content: Most people really don’t understand waivers and everyone in Campus Recreation needs to understand the fundamentals! This Webinar attempts to de-mystify waivers by using a ‘keep it simple’ approach, focusing on the key issues you need to understand about waivers. To gain more detailed knowledge about waivers and waiver construction, the ‘Waivers Detailed’ Webinar is recommended.

Learning Outcomes:
Gain basic understanding of waivers — what they are, what they are not.
Learn how to use the ‘Risk Matrix’ to prioritize who should sign a waiver.
Understand the importance of proper execution of waivers.
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F2. Waivers 101 – More Detailed (40 mins)

The Challenge — People don’t understand what constitutes a good waiver.
The Solution — A clear explanation of how contract law impacts waivers, and how good waivers are constructed.
Presenter: Matt Campbell

Core Competencies: Legal Liability & Risk Management; Management Techniques
Target Audience: All staff
Webinar Content: Most people really don’t understand waivers! This Webinar goes into more depth than the ‘Waivers Simplified’ Webinar, and focuses on the contractual nature of waivers and the importance of a properly constructed waiver. Also — when waivers should be implemented, waiver limitations, and the importance of consistent waiver implementation.

Learning Outcomes:
Increased understanding of what a waiver is, and what protection it can provide.
Increased understanding of what constitutes a legally binding waiver.
The importance of consistent implementation of waivers.

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SportsRisk Webinar

In July of 2015 California State University, Chico had the opportunity to participate in Sport Risk’s new ‘Best Practices’ risk management review conducted by Ian McGregor & Associates. Ian is clearly one of the most knowledgable and experienced leaders in risk management practices and our institution was excited to be one of the first Universities to use this new evaluation process. 

 While evaluating our programs we found his work to be innovative, comprehensive, and easy to use throughout all aspects of our various recreation programs. Because of his outstanding work we are using the recommendations as a catalyst for program improvement.  Being able to contrast our practices with other NIRSA institutions is invaluable in bringing our programs to a higher standard of excellence. Without hesitation, I would recommend this process to any collegiate recreation program who is interested in current, state of the art, risk management practices. You will find Ian McGregor and Associates to be professional and cost effective in helping you meet your administrative responsibilities.

Kimberly Scott

Director of Recreational Sports
Associate Director of Student Life
California State University, Chico

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