Series B: Risk Management (3 Modules)

B1. Risk Management Committee (30 mins)

The Challenge — For many departments, Risk Management efforts lack focus and direction.
The Solution — Forming an effective Risk Management Committee.
Presenters: Dr. Ian McGregor, McGregor & Associates; Jared Ginter, Facilities Director, Trinity Western University


Core Competencies: Legal Liability & Risk Management; Management Techniques
Target Audience: Director; Risk Management Committee
Webinar Content: The Risk Management Committee provides the leadership and direction for all risk management efforts in the department. This Webinar will outline (a) why this committee is important (b) what its role should be and (c) tips on how to make it more effective.
Learning Outcomes
Understand the vital role the Risk Management Committee plays
Determine the possible roles of the committee
Learn the key elements of a successful Risk Management Committee.

B2. Determining the Risk Profile of Programs and Facilities (35 mins)

The Challenge — It is often difficult to measure just how risky a program, facility or event is.
The Solution — Develop a ‘risk profile’ for all programs, facilities, events.
Presenter: Dr. Ian McGregor, McGregor & Associates


Core Competencies: Legal Liability & Risk Management; Management Techniques
Target Audience: Unit Managers; Risk Management Committee; all staff
Webinar Content: Program and Facility managers often worry about how risky a program or facility is — and whether they taking on just too much risk and liability. This Webinar demonstrates how to ‘quantify’ risk by using two simple ‘risk rating’ tools to determine risk profile. Risk profiles can then be used to guide all risk management decisions!
Learning Outcomes
Understand the importance of determining the risk profile of programs and facilities.
Use the ‘risk rating’ tools to determine risk profiles.
Learn the concept of ‘Residual Risk’.
Learn how to use risk profile information for all risk management based decisions.

B3. Nuts & Bolts of Risk Management Planning (30 mins)

The Challenge — Risk Management planning is often viewed as being complex and time-consuming
The Solution — Develop a simple 3-Step planning process.
Presenter: Dr. Ian McGregor, McGregor & Associates

Core Competencies: Legal Liability & Risk Management; Management Techniques
Target Audience: All Supervisors and Managers
Webinar Content: Risk Management planning is not rocket science — but you need to follow a (simple) process. This Webinar describes a Simple 3-Step Planning Process: (a) using the ‘Risk Matrix’ to identify high risk programs and facilities, (b) developing and implementing a simple audit and (c) formulating simple and doable action plans based on the audit. The 5 Key Risk Areas provide the starting point for the audit development.
Learning Outcomes:
Ability to apply the ‘Risk Matrix’ to classify programs and facilities
Ability to implement a simple 3-step risk management planning process
Better understanding of how to develop and implement a simple audit.

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Working with McGregor & Associates allowed our staff to come together and learn how to communicate with each other about risk management issues… it was an outstanding team-building and/or learning environment for everyone. Our entire professional staff participated in the process and was divided into “working committees” to facilitate the collection of materials and develop common, department-wide, policies and risk management procedures.

As a result of working with McGregor & Associates, our Department has a well defined, and operational, Risk Management Manual, that incorporates its entire set of programs and services…. this is an active and fluid document that will continue to be updated and reviewed on a regular basis. In addition, as a result of this process, the department has established a department-wide Risk Management Committee that is responsible to monitor and manage the various risk-related issues associated with our programs and services. This committee will meet on a regular basis, communicate with the university’s Risk Management Services and will continue to oversee the management of our organization’s risk related needs.

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Director, Campus Recreation
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