SportRisk – Risk Management Webinar Training Series

30 Webinars available in the ‘Virtual Library’!


Who are these aimed at?

Webinars are designed as training tools and professional development seminars for all levels of recreation supervisor and manager.

All Webinars are $60 each — and can be ordered individually.
Additional 10-15%  discount for purchase of a single Series!

Purchase all 30 Webinars for $695 – a 50% savings!

Webinars are accessible at any time, on any desktop or laptop, for 1 year (from date of purchase) e.g. October 1, 2017 – 30 September, 2018.

For more information on each Webinar and to purchase, click on the Series title below:

Series A: Negligence Awareness

Webinar Cost $
1. Understanding Negligence 60
2. Negligence Awareness Training for Intramural staff 60
3. Negligence Awareness Training for Summer Camps staff 60
4.Negligence Awareness Training for Weight Room
staff (with ‘Tracking Option’)
Purchase Now Package Price: $200

Series B: Risk Management

Webinar Cost $
1. Risk Management Committee 60
2. Determining Risk Profile of Programs and Facilities 60
3. Nuts & Bolts of Risk Management Planning 60
Purchase Now Package Price: $150

Series C: Sport Clubs

Webinar Cost $
1. Concussion Management 60
2. Hazing 60
3. Safety Officer Training 60
4. Negligence Awareness Training for Sport Clubs Officers 60
5. Budgeting 60
6. Transitioning 60
7. Classification System 60
8. Sport Club Council 60
9. Officer and Leadership Training 60
Purchase Now Package Price: $445

Series D: Travel

Webinar Cost $
1. The Basics 60
2. Planning using Google Docs 60
Purchase Now Package Price: $100

Series E: Emergency Response Planning

Webinar Cost $
1. Putting it Together 60
2. Training, Rehearsals & Drills 60
3. EAP Best Practices 60
4. Student Training 60
Purchase Now Package Price: $200

Series F: Waivers

Webinar Cost $
1. Waivers Simplified 60
2. Waivers Detailed 60
Purchase Now Package Price: $100

Series G: General

Webinar Cost $
1. Medical Screening Simplified 60
2. Event Planning Simplified 60
3. Climbing Wall Safety 60
4. Using Google Docs in Recreation FREE
5. Behavior Management in Youth Camps 60
Purchase Now Package Price: $160

Please select the webinar you wish to purchase and click “Add to Cart”. You will be redirected to Paypal for payment. If you wish to purchase additional webinars, please click “Continue Shopping” on the Paypal form to add additional webinars to your purchase. When you are ready to complete your order click “Check Out” on the Paypal form.

SportsRisk Webinar

Key Features:

  • Webinar Training Modules are pre-recorded Webinars — providing cost effective, flexible, dynamic training options!
  • Accessible at any time, on any desktop or laptop, for one full year.
  • All members of the Department have access to the Webinars through a single Username and Password.
  • Each training module is typically 20-40 min.
  • Tracking Option (for Series A ‘Negligence Awareness for Weight Room Staff’ only) provides immediate confirmation that student training has been successfully completed (details below).

In Addition:

  • Content delivered by experts in their field saving your staff preparation and delivery time.
  • Cost effective — eliminating staff travel costs to attend Workshops and Conferences.
  • Year long access to pre-recorded Webinar allows continuous and consistent training of newly hired staff.

The Sports Clubs course has served as an excellent platform to critically assess and develop measures to improve our sport club program.

Toby Bares

Assistant Director - Operations & Sport Clubs Student Recreation
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

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